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We love it when people pursue their passion for a great idea. When a new startup, a band, a Kickstarter, or a new product sees the light of day and tries to connect with people in the world- whether it's helping them be more productive, or happier. As serial entrepreneurs, we know how exciting and rewarding it is to find your tribe, as Seth Godin famously put it. We also know it's not easy...

Enter Twitter. In just a few years, it has become an invaluable marketing channel for startups and small businesses of all types. AdWeek reports that 2 in 3 Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow and even more likely to recommend it to friends, and it's clear in 2015 that growing your Twitter audience is an important step in growing your business. But just how do you grow on Twitter when you can’t afford a fancy agency and don’t have the time to manage that wicked smart intern?

MyTwitterManager is here to help you achieve massive growth, without a big commitment! We came together with a shared passion to help great companies find and build their base of loyal customers. Based in Cambridge, MA our small but mighty team is comprised of data-obsessed computer scientists and social media marketing experts. Our co-founders are MIT grads who built previous ventures acquired by IBM and AOL. (They've been working in social media since before Zuck invented The Facebook in his dorm room across town.) As part of SocMetrics, founded in 2011, we’re backed by the amazing folks at Google Ventures and one of Hubspot’s co-founders.

Think of us as the rocket fuel powering your growth engine. The magic of MyTwitterManager happens when our Inbound Marketing team combines their deep social expertise with the power of our machine learning platform. We review your online presence, provide suggestions for optimal growth, and tailor and optimize around your target audience. Our unique hybrid approach, combining top human expertise with Big Data analysis, lets us find and engage a targeted audience that we’ve identified as likely to already be interested in what you do and ready to engage with your message. The result is hundreds of new, targeted followers for your account each week- many of which will mention you to friends, click to your site or mobile app, and sign up or purchase.

We're thrilled to be able to say that we have hundreds of happy customers -from brand-new startups, to B2B and consumer-facing companies spanning many industries, to agencies; from cool and innovative apps like Moju to amazing nonprofits like SoSheDid. We're proud to make a difference and help their message reach the world in a big way. We'd love to do the same for you!

We offer a no-risk 7 day free trial of our Twitter growth services and our plans are month-to-month with no commitment, so give us a try today :-)

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Written by Roy Rodenstein
Run @MySocialMgr and SocMetrics/TrueLens, helping companies grow with smart social marketing. Serial entrepreneur, angel/mentor, grew up in 5 countries.