Twitter Follower Growth on a Startup Budget

As serial entrepreneurs, we know social marketing is time consuming. You’re focused on product, fundraising, dogfooding... been there! Now, backed by Google Ventures and a HubSpot co-founder, we’re helping you take a big item off your list.

Our Inbound Marketing experts grow your account, while our machine learning tech optimizes your conversion rates. The result? Cost-effective marketing that drives hundreds of relevant, real twitter followers each week, building your Word of Mouth, Clicks and Leads. We’ll manage your Twitter growth while you manage your business!

What Startups Are Saying

We’ve helped hundreds of startups across all spaces: Mobile apps, Cloud/SaaS services, B2B and enterprise startups such as CRM, HR and finance, and consumer apps in eCommerce, fashion, education, music, gaming, and IoT among others.

“Moju had a fantastic launch, with our app featured by Apple. MyTwitterManager was instrumental in building word of mouth as well as downloads via social media. I highly recommend the service for anyone looking to grow.”

Mok Oh, Founder & CEO   

How It Works

  • Our expert team performs thorough research to develop an individualized growth strategy based on your target audience
  • We identify and engage users that are relevant to your industry and are likely to be interested in you
  • Selectively follow users that have shown interest in your competitors
  • Tweet content relevant to your brand from reputable industry resources to keep followers engaged
  • Constantly monitor and optimize your account to ensure success

Benefits You'll See

  • Gain Twitter followers - hundreds of targeted, real followers each week
  • Increase your engagement, tweets, clicks
  • Full dashboard detailing your growth with full bio of each follower we have driven and tweets we have posted
  • Weekly Growth Summary in your inbox